Book Party: ‘Where The Wild Things Are’

ChickPea turned two today we have celebrated with a ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ party with family (sticking to family parties for as long as I can!) Can you believe Maurice Sendaks’ classic book turned 50 this year?!

Dancing Wild Thing

ChickPea is indeed a Wild Thing; ask anyone in the family. She roars her terrible roars, and gnashes her terrible teeth and rolls her terrible eyes most days (to steal some of Maurice Sendaks’ words). We’re hopeful she is going to be an angelic teenager…one must always live with hope!

The invite is below. It’s a postcard from Vistaprint which I always use for invites, thank you cards and Christmas cards (see my last few postcard Christmas cards here). They are great quality and silly inexpensive. I often do little ‘Thank you from PudStar’ (or ChickPea) stickers for party bags and banners which say ‘Happy Birthday PudStar/ChickPea’.Where the Wild Things Are Invite

The Wild Thing birthday girl had an excellent time but it could have gone either way with her really! Some days are screams and roars and gnashing teeth but fortunately today was a day of angelic blonde curls, beaming smiles and hip wiggling dancing (and animal roars…she likes to animal ROAR).

cake cutting 2

Food. Well thinking about would have to be one of my greatest joys in life. Actually food in general is one of my greatest joys in life. The Donna Hay Kids Issue 2013 arrived just as I was planning this party (a week ago…nothing like last minute), and lo and behold they had an ‘Into the Wild’ themed party…thank you Donna. Monkey cake was from Donna as well as a few other things and we ended up with:

Chocolate and spelt flour cupcakes, which I cored and filled with caramel then topped with chocolate ganache, chocolate rocks, chocolate grass and  personalised cupcake toppers from ‘Top That! Designs’ here (Easiest purchase ever…pay and the file is sent to you!).

Wild Thing Cupcakes

Cupcake Toppers

One very cheeky monkey cake (Donna Hay Kids Issue 2013)

Lindt Chilli Chocolate spoons

Chill Chocolate Spoons

Marshmallow sherbert cones which tasted great but caused much sticky mess and howling from me and I will possibly never make these again! Adapted from Donna Hay Kids Issue 2013

Marshmallow cones

Karen Martini sausage rolls, wild animal fruit , nan’s quiche and cheese – always cheese!

From Across the World

Wild Thing Party

So it was fun! We all had a great time despite the lack of park and WILDERNESS for WILD THINGS to run around in (the cousins still managed to do some running in the rain – PudStar had to show the older cousins her revamped Art Studio/Cubbyhouse apparently).

I love a no stress, food filled, family, family-friend filled party!

For more book themed parties see PudStars Miffy Party, ChickPea’s ‘Bad Tempered Ladybird’ party (see the running theme with her parties?!), a ‘Pearlie in the Park’ party, an ‘EJ12 Disco’ party, a ‘Magic Faraway Tree’ party and a round up of my fav cakes.

Wild Thing Straws

Where the Wild Things Are Party


  1. cathy

    Wild child perhaps, but a super woman mum, it seems!
    Most impressive creations! Exhausting?

    • Anonymous

      Actually Cathy…the more stressed I am, the more I bake and cook and I’m QUITE stressed about uni this semester and so am doing LOTS of baking!!!!

  2. jeremy

    Definitely a super mum! Sad i missed the wild thing in all her glory!!

  3. Lucy

    What a beautiful party!! And phew what a relief to know someone else goes to all that effort with the ring but still only for a family party (snap we do that too!) One question: where do I get myself a cupcake corer?? Genius invention!! Never seen one before!

    • Anonymous

      Family parties are the bomb! Cupcake corers are great…Wheel and Barrow, Robins Kitchen or any of those funny little kitchen shops I frequent (far too much!).

  4. Natalie

    I thought I better track down this post and look at your fantastic cake again. Elliott decided on it for his party after flicking through a pile of Donna Hay kids mags so I’ve just trekked to the other side of town to buy a 200g pack of Black & Gold banana lollies for US$6.95! But if it turns out looking like your cake then it will be worth it!


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