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PudStar’s 7th  birthday party theme came about over a family dinner discussion…oh…about a year ago. Disco parties for young children were mentioned and discussed and dissected and debated and theorized before my mum piped up with ‘I reckon a Bollywood party is a better idea!’. Sold! To Pud.

bollywood party for children

All of our book parties to date have book themed (see here) – this one was the opposite way around! Theme decided, then books sought on India so that Pud understood where Bollywood originated from – sheesh I am a such  teacher librarian. Her favourite Indian themed books are at the end of this post, along with my favourite Indian cookboks.

Poor anxious Tyson has no idea what is about to hit the deck. Despite extra Valium he was a nervous wreck!

Poor anxious Tyson has no idea what is about to hit the deck. Despite extra Valium he was a nervous wreck!

Dad does a far bit of work in Singapore so he was charged with sari and bangle purchases and my brothers partner was enlisted as a Bollywood dance teacher – we are all in serious awe of for her ability to run, jump, hop, skip, kick, cycle, bend her body so she was a no brainer as the choice for dance teacher – despite knowing little about Bollywood. She did an amazing job organising posters which showed all the basic moves, working out a number of routines to teach and then organising pretty much a Bollywood interpretive dance session with enthusiastic 7 year olds. This is my form of outsourcing – enlist family members to do the work.


Purple and orange were the colours of Pud’s favourite saris and a visit to my fav local Indian grocer sorted decorations. Pud made several signs and glued marigold type flowers onto lanterns and tissue paper balls. Candles in orange jars and bowls filled with marigolds from the garden sorted the food, drinks and activity tables easily. If nothing else, Pud is thorough in her styling.

The sari’s dad got in Singapore came wrapped in Indian newspaper so all platters were lined with this and then covered in translucent paper – cause no one wants to eat newsprint.

DSC02497 DSC02496

Fair few marigold went in Pud's hair also. Stealing decorations.

Fair few marigold went in Pud’s hair also. Stealing decorations.


We had gold and silver henna style temporary tattoos and ‘bindis’ to apply to the guests when they arrived. Not being Indian (you’d never have guess with all that blonde hair would you?), it didn’t seem right to use real bindis, but purple glitter dots were a hit – even on nan – who was in charge of baby holding.


The girls were then helped into their choice of sari – from the floor – folding is not my thing – and bracelets were added.


After dots, bracelets, tattoos and saris were organised the girls all made beaded anklets and bracelets with lots of bells to tinkle when dancing.  ChickPea upended many containers of beads and generally got in the way – she also refused to remove her dinosaur t-shirt, so she was a sari wearing dinosaur.

Neighbours make the best party guests.

Nonna having her tattoo applied.

Nonna having her tattoo applied.

Love this photo of the girls in their sari's!

Love this photo of the girls in their sari’s!

After food, there was the Bollywood dance class – Sam totally missed her calling in life as a teacher.  The 7 years old absolutely loved the dance class, while ChickPea and her band of smaller siblings ruled the cubbyhouse and shouted at anyone who came near them. Entirely appropriate.

DSC02657 bollywood


I couldn’t really give a hoot about the decorations…I just want to sit down and plan food, cook food, then eat food. PudStar’s first birthday was a Middle Eastern feast  with a side serve of Miffy theme (so it looked like a kids birthday!). I have many Indian cookbooks, and many recipes from family friend Mrs Nair but my two favs are ‘From India’ (gorgeous hardcover, cloth bound book) and Rick Stein’s ‘India’. DSC02516

Given this was for 7 year olds who probably weren’t into chilli and spiced laced curries, we just had mild curry puffs with chutney, teeny tiny naan breads with cucumber and yoghurt raita, pappadums, onion rings and that Indian cracker mix thing I can never remember the name of. Followed by orange jelly with mango, mango lassi drinks, cupcakes (bubblegum flavoured – don’t ask) with marigolds, cake ball things made by Pud, melting moment biscuits with purple icing made by Nan and birthday cake. For the first time ever I ordered the fondant flowers and fondant cake topper. I was going to make them myself but I am ridiculously busy at work and I know this gorgeous girl, Sammy from ‘The Cupcake Taste’, so it was a no-brainer – and clearly she did a MUCH BETTER JOB than I would ever do! Her figurines are cute but not kitsch and I do so love to support a local business. She nailed it with the blonde haired Bollywood dancer – PudStar was stoked, as I was…cause all I had to do was make a round cake and ice it. This was all a lot less food than what I normally make….cause I have discovered that other people (especially excitable children) do not necessarily share my belief that parties are about food.DSC02546 DSC02543 DSC02450 DSC02428

So to the books! Borrowed a stack of nonfiction books on India for Pud but most of all she loved these two books of Indian folktales. Below those is my favourite Indian cookbooks as mentioned above and one of my favourite Bollywood movies – which Pud also loves, ‘Bride and Prejudice’, a Bollywood style ‘Pride and Prejudice’.

Click on titles or front cover images to add these books/movies to your home, school or library collection.

indian-talesthe-elephant-s-friend-and-other-tales-from-ancient-indiarick-stein-s-indiafrom-india-new-and-traditional-foodbride-and-prejudiceDSC02711 DSC02710

Just getting in some practice before the guests arrive!

Just getting in some practice before the guests arrive!


  1. edenland

    This is the BEEEESSSSSSSSSTTTTTTT why did I not fly to Brisbane for the weekend again? oh my goodness. That food, books, and colour – EVERYTHING. (Except that strange dessert thing, sorry.)

    Happy, happy birthday precious Pud you are so beautiful inside out and upside down. There WILL be a present from the Rileys yes there will. Megan there is even a pic of Dan with a bindi – not one pic of you? Were you too busy near the cake? I would have been. I would’ve unravelled that fondant sheet quicker than a brides nightie.

    Love you the most,

    Eden xxxxxxxxx

    • Megan Daley

      The strange looking dessert thing is JELLY with mango on top – no rockmelon thank goodness. Yep not one pic of me…I was busy EATING cake. Love you more. M

      • edenland

        Jelly and mango YUCK #noshade

  2. Melissa

    Brilliant. Beautiful. Love it. Food looks amazing. Cake – amazing. Happy birthday Pud x PS my party bag mantra is now W.W.P.W – what would PudStar want. Xx

  3. Jeesecake

    You are amazing! Your kids’ parties rock! Happy birthday to pudstar! X

    • Megan Daley

      Ha! Thanks so much!

  4. Ang

    Your best post yet … so wish we lived closer to each other!!

    • Megan Daley


  5. EssentaillyJess

    What a great idea! I love those funky little cupcakes!
    I’m not sure my kids would know what Bollywood was though. I would probably have to read the books first 🙂

  6. Kylie Purtell - A Study in Contradictions

    Oh my goodness, this is just the best idea for a party! I am going to have to show my sister-in-law because she is a massive Bollywood fan and would love to do something like this for her own birthday! Thank you for sharing, it looks like you all had a fabulous day!

  7. Maxabella

    What a FAB theme for a party! I absolutely love it!! I’d love to host a Bollywood party and I wonder if I can convince the girls that it’s the party to go for. The food alone would make the party, but add the dancing and I’m THERE. x

    • Megan Daley

      Oh! I just saw your comments! I am the MASTER of convincing my children what sort of party they (me) want! THE MASTER. It’s all about me isn’t it?!


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